Update - Community Meeting

Thank you! With over 600+ in attendance many had to turn away. We are truly sorry. The JPS multi-use room was over flowing with many standing in the cold listening to the presentations. Now many would say we need a bigger venue. While that is true sometimes, we think most of this community prefers having things on a smaller scale and is not intrusive.

No Casino!!! Not Now!!! Not Ever!!!

The full presentations can be found on the website. Full Presentation Link Thanks to David Zeigler at Wind River Media for shooting and providing the video. The slide show only presentation can be found here. Slide Show Presentation

Much of the San Diego media was in attendance. Here are the links for those that reported on our meeting.

Fox 5


NBC San Diego


10 News


Union Tribune


View the Lawsuit against Caltrans and a response to the claims from the JIV and Penn National Gaming.

View the Lawsuit against the Federal Government. First hearing delayed by the feds. End of March 2014.


Yes, the Excavation and Hauling has begun. Our lawyers are working on injunction to stop it as are the County lawyers. Please be very careful on the SR94 and surrounding roads.

Keep an eye out for an Update later this afternoon.

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Here are some numbers you might try for information:

Caltrans District 11
Public Information Officers

Caltrans District 11
Main Office

Granite Construction – San Diego
(Yes the Resurfacing is still going on!)

CHP Information Line
Call 911 for any Emergencies.

Where do your donations go?
JAC retained Stephan Volker in 2008 to help us sue Caltrans to make sure they follow the law. That suit stated that Caltrans must follow CEQA. JAC has also retained Ken Williams for our fight in Federal court to show the property is not eligible for gambling.

Update! – JAC has hired Stephan Volker again to fight Caltrans.

Please send any other questions you may have to
Thank you.

Or mail a check to JAC Legal Defense Fund at:
PO Box 1317
Jamul CA 91935

Write to your local government officials at the links in the left column. Or go to the website at www.jacjamul.com and click on the Contact your Government Officials tab.

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