Drivers report delays (closures?) this morning at Honey Springs and SR-94. Drivers headed down Honey Springs were stopped this morning at 94 by the resurfacing project.  They STRONGLY suggest you take Skyline TT around. You might get through quickly at one road closure, but some drivers have run into 2-3 more, each lasting from 5-15 minutes.
THOUGHTS ABOUT CASINO TRAFFIC- I hate to keep harping on it, but this is just a small taste of what the proposed casino will be bringing our way.  SR-94 is already dangerous.  Here’s some stats I found yesterday on road fatalities on the nearest 10 miles of access to other casinos.  Without a casino we are already 6 times the county average.  The band-aid-fixes CalTrans has proposed so far are ridiculous.  (Like adding an extra lane for a couple hundred yards at the entrance.)
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