Peter Dyke from Mother Grundy operates a weather station and posts information online. He sends the following alert to us all:
Although there has been no official Hazardous Weather Warning to this effect, I am noticing on Mother Grundy Weather <> and nearby stations – that the humidity is currently in the single digits.

This is poses an extreme fire risk as well as a possible health hazard for those sensitive to nosebleeds etc.
Thank you, Peter.  Let’s all be extra aware when using machinery or any ignition source.
FIREARMS & SHOOTING:  This is definitely NOT a time or season for any recreational shooting. If hear shooting call 911, and the Sheriff will respond.  Be sure to mention to the dispatcher that we are in a very high fire danger area.
Here is a recent article in East County Magazine quoting our Battalion Chief, John Kremensky and others:
Revelations that six wildfires in the past six weeks have been caused by recreational shooting in East County has caused a firestorm of controversy.
Cal-Fire, joined by residents of  Dulzura, Potrero and other areas bordering the Otay Wilderness area have asked the federal Bureau of Land Management to ban shooting on its properties within San Diego County for the duration of this year’s expected severe fire season.

“We would like to institute prevention measures so that nobody’s house burns down,” Cal Fire Battalion Chief John Kremensky, who is assigned to the Dulzura Battalion, told ECM.  “We know that other federal agencies, like the U.S. Forest Service, have implemented temporary closure to shooting during this high wildfire danger time.” (More…)
POSTED BY: Kim Hamilton
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