From Ginny Potter:
Cal Fire was just at our house looking for the flames we had seen around 7:00 PM.. At that time they were pretty big to me and we could not tell if it was a structure or a burn out of control. They did see the flames that were much smaller by the time they were up here and could not locate the fire which we are all thinking was an illegal burn. They have left now and I am not sure if they are keeping a truck in the area or not.

From Dale Hackney:
I just came through the corner of mother Grundy and Deerhorn valley and 1 fire trucks were looking for the fire. I saw nothing for the 2 miles to my property. The fireman thought it may be an illegal burn.

Even without wind we are so vulnerable. Recent rains are not enough to replenish the dried chaparral and trees.

I hope they locate both the burn and whoever was foolish enough to do something like that at this time.
7:14 Two units have gone up DV Rd.

7:07 – Calling out full response with 7 units, water tender. Incident name is “Mother”


On scanner at 7:03 PM

Anyone have more info?