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19th April 2012

As those at the community meeting heard on Wednesday night, ADDITIONAL TRAFFIC ON HIGHWAY 94 is the greatest concern to all Jamulians.

The most telling speaker of the evening was Principal Eileen Poole of Steele Canyon High School. She had two points she wanted to make. The first, stating that when she saw the JIV “Traffic Study” for Cougar Canyon Dr., the wait time on Highway 94 was 3.02 seconds. What? That can’t be right. But there it was in black and white. And the reason it was stated at 3.02 seconds?The “Traffic Study” on Cougar Canyon Dr. was done on a Saturday. Yes, a Saturday. And, wait for it…, at 9PM. Yes, 9PM as in at 9 o’clock at night on a Saturday!!!! Principal Poole wonders “who” actually did the traffic study.

As anyone who has ever driven on Highway 94 knows, the “wait time” around Cougar Canyon Dr. in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and anytime there is a football game, soccer game, basketball game or any other event at Steele Canyon High School, that “wait time” can turn into 5 minutes or more. Now imagine adding 5,000 to 10,000 more cars a day with a casino!

The second point and a huge concern of Principal Poole is the 400 first time driving 16 yr old’s every year at Steele Canyon and the 400-500 17 yr. old drivers with only one year of driving under their belt. Scary thought, isn’t it?  But what made everyone in the audience gasp… In the 7 years that Ms. Poole has been Principal, she has had to give out 6 posthumously diplomas at the graduation ceremony. That is one for every year she has been the Principal.  As you can imagine, she would rather not have to give out another one ever again. But with the recent proposal and the ABSURD “Traffic Study” she is afraid the number will only increase.

More on the Community Meeting as the information is circulated.


An article on the Union Tribune website regarding visiting Tecate…

Just across the border: Treasures of Tecate (written by Wendy Lemlin)

If you go …as you head out scenic state highway 94, past 4,000-foot-high mountains and rugged canyons. (I don’t recommend driving this winding, dark road at night, however.) About 18 miles past Jamul, take state highway 188 to Tecate…  Now add 5,000 – 10,000 more cars! Highway 94 won’t be so scenic.

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Questions that still need answers:
Where are the Caltrans Permits?
Whiere is the Caltrans Traffic Study?
Who actually gets the say on the Permit for access to Highway 94?
Who’s going to pay to make all the massive and needed improvements to Highway 94?


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Caltrans Public Information email:
Pam Scanlon – SANDAG Public Safety Committee Project Manager
Laurie Berman – San Diego Caltrans District 11 Director – 619-688-6668
Bill FiggeSan Diego Caltrans District 11 – Planning Deputy District Director - 619-688-6681
Gus Silva- San Diego Caltrans District 11 Tribal Liaison - 619-688-6807

Trent Clark - San Diego Caltrans District 11 Tribal Liaison – 619-688-3140

Lonora Graves - Caltrans Sacramento - Branch Chief, Native American Liaison Branch - 916-653-6315

Malcolm Dougherty – Caltrans Acting Director Sacramento

Lorrie Lau – Federal Highway Administration – Tribal Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty

Wade Hobbs - Federal Highway Administration – California Field Office Tribal Contact


Where are the EPA permits? CalEPA Environmental Justice
Arsenio Mataka - Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs

Boards, Departments, and Offices Tribal Liaison Contacts:

Air Resources Board – Sylvia Oey

Department of Toxic Substances Control – Patrice W. Bowen

State Water Resources Control Board – Gita Kapahi

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment – Amy Dunn

Where are the DFG and BLM permits to build adjacent to a Ecological Preserve?
Can SDG&E’s system handle the load for additional power?
Will Jamul have brown outs and black outs from the drain?
Will Rancho Jamul Estates lose water pressure?
Will Whispering Meadows and Melody Rd area residents lose water pressure?
Will San Diego Rural Fire lose water pressure?
When will the CEQA process begin?
Have the families of those buried at the cemetary been notified of the proposal to build a 10 story parking garage less than 10 feet from their relatives?