Conservative Corner

by Morgan Chambers

Let us first take a closer look at the laws of the nation: Which laws work, which laws do not work & which laws demonstrate absolute uselessness if not a meddling approach to revenue grabbing on the part of the governmental bodies originally put in place by our founders to do just the opposite!  These governmental bodies were written into our founding documents in a way that would keep us in the republic that they intended us to have.  This republic has served the citizens of The United States of America with little change for well over 200 years.  How has this system of government and laws survived for that long?  While no system is perfect, it has survived for one major reason…  It works!  Also, while no one system can please all of its citizens all of the time, what is clear in the end result is that this is our American system!  For those who would like to live under a different style of government, there exist many other countries around the globe featuring all sorts of great systems whose rulers, one would assume, believe in and feel as we do that their individual systems of government are good for their individual peoples.

At this time, I would invite all those dissenters of our great American system to feel free to board the next plane to Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Cuba, China, Japan, North Korea or a country of their choosing.  I am certain that an endowment fund can easily be created to cover the one way fair for these individuals.

Exactly why these people are even here living under the sanctuary that is the USA in the first place has always baffled me but this is another narrative for another time and writing.

I will insert a notation at this point in my article just for the record:  If there are other countries & systems that dissenters of our American system would so like to change our system to resemble, I challenge all readers to show me those countries and systems along with a concise explanation of how and why these governing systems are better including facts & figures regarding religious freedom, human rights,  gross domestic product and listing individual achievements and inventions patented by its citizens, achievements in space exploration as well as a tabulation of countries rescued by its military during times of both war or any of natures unending natural disasters.

America is America because we do have a roadmap for success.  It is called the Constitution and is, together with the other documents, the unequivocal pathway to continued freedom and prosperity.

After all, just take a moment and look at the globe on your desk.  Can you show me all the countries that can match our American achievements in anthropogenesis?