Great turnout!  At least 55 people attended the Tuesday night meeting of the Jamul-Dulzura Planning Group to discuss the current status of the Dog Training Ponds proposal for Honey Springs Ranch. Randy White (a JDPG member for some 22 years), drafted a letter to the Dept. of Fish and Game with a list of resident and Board concerns. Here is my quick summary of the issues raised in the letter.  The full text and other communication is posted here at the top of the page:

* NO NOTIFICATION to residents, Rural Fire District, or Jamul-Dulzura Planning Group
* GROUNDWATER needed to fill/maintain is projected at 3.3 million gal/year (10 acre-ft).
* NOISE: The site is in a bowl-shaped valley with many nearby residences, horses, animals.
* “REPAIRING ABANDONED STOCK PONDS”: This reference was buried deep in the document. Why?
* RAINWATER: Original plan was to use only rainwater/runoff to fill the ponds. What happened?
* HUNTING ACCIDENTS/SAFETY: Who will reimburse local fire department for emergency response?
* POISONED TREES: 100-year old eucalyptus along access drive were reportedly poisoned. Why?
* WATER PUMP DISCREPANCY: 100-gal/min or 400 gal/min pump required? Document is unclear.
* HERBICIDES: What impacts will pond “weed-control” have on groundwater?
* ALTERNATIVE SITE: 19,000-plus acres that are in the DFG jurisdiction.  An alternative site could be a win-win for everyone.

In addition to the above, the USE OF POTABLE WATER FOR NON-DRINKING PURPOSES was raised. This may require special procedures or even be illegal under California Title 22.
A Sub-committee was formed to address these issues with DFG, San Diego Wildlife [Hunting] Federation, Planning Group, and residents. The first meeting will be this Saturday (today!) at 11 AM at Brody’s Burgers and Beer by the Jamul 7-11.

Bill made it home in record time from his heart surgery.  No way to keep that guy down!

ANTLER NEWSLETTER: We’re starting to assemble the next (Winter) edition of The Antler Newsletter. Please send any neighbor news to share… celebrations, awards, congrats, etc.   It’s fun to share the news!

This is a problem we normally don’t face here in Deerhorn, but it looks like there are some vandals at work marking up outbuildings and pump-houses.  If you have had ANY recent issues with graffiti, please call the Sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch number to report it: (858) 565-5200.  Our two Resident Sheriffs are serious about stopping this before it becomes a bigger issue.

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