June 28, 2013 issued by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department


An excessive heat warning is in effect for San Diego County this weekend. Inland areas of the county are expected to peak near 105 degrees; temperatures in the lower desert are expected to soar up to 120.

If you’re in the heat, stay hydrated with water and wear light, loose-fitting clothing or risk heat-related illness. Heat-related illness often begins with headache andcramping. Spasms are possible in the legs and abdomen. A person with a high body temperature, rapid and strong pulse and possible unconsciousness is probably suffering heatstroke and must be seen by professionals as soon as possible. Firefighters are also urging you to delay doing things like barbecuing and using gardening tools that could spark a fire.

There are 115 free “Cool Zones” in the county to help seniors and persons with disabilities escape the extreme heat. http://www.coolzones.org/

Take precautions as well with your kids around pools and spas to prevent drownings.

Step 1: Supervision

Step 2: Fencing

Step 3: Pool & Spa Covers

Step 4: Alarms

Step 5: Safety Drain Covers

Step 6: Swimming Lessons

Step 7: Learning CPR

Stay safe San Diego.