Just got an email from Iris Gardener (Primeval Gardens) in Potrero: “I just tried to drive into San Diego from Potrero . There was a sign at the 188 to Tecate  on the 94 saying to expect long delays and consider taking an alternate route. I assume they are moving the machine again. Driving around by the 8 so I don’t get stuck.”
If you’re headed east on 94, be aware you may not be able to get through.  The alternate route from the east is Buckmann Springs and I-8.  From the west it would be Honey Springs or Otay Lakes Rd.
The rig has been parked just west of Dulzura since August 8th and is headed to the Tecate Port of Entry.  It takes up both lanes of SR-94, so traffic doesn’t move when its rolling.
Have a plan for emergencies figured out.  This is a bad fire day.  [They all are right now.]

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