July 17, 2012
Our local “Foster Flowers” lady, Donna Foster, was brought out of her coma today by her doctors, and reportedly was alert and talking. Emily Bennett, one of the finest of Deerhorn’s Finest, was at the hospital yesterday, talking with Donna and helping her back to the land of consciousness.  We are so glad to hear this news, and are looking forward to having Donna back here where she belongs!   Kristi Thompson is helping to coordinate some meals, and neighbors are contributing some easy-to-heat-up meals for Kevin and the rest of the Fosters.  When Donna gets home, her main job will be to rest and recuperate!
Long time DV resident Lloyd Bennett from Honey Springs passed away yesterday.  Lloyd was one of the first people we met up here some thirty years ago.  He loved his motorcycle, and you could hear him coming from the bottom of the drive.  He cut quite a figure around Deerhorn, and if you met him once, you never forgot him.   Mark Payne posted this on our Facebook Page: “Lloyd Donald Bennett, who lived for years just behind the Deerhorn Valley sign and was loved by many passed the morning of Jul 16. He will be missed.”  Yes he will, Mark.  Thanks for letting us know, and our condolences to you and Lloyd’s family.
YESTERDAY’S FIRE AT PIO PICO is being investigated, but residents at the Thousand Trails Campground suspect that gunfire may be to blame. There had been frequent shooting down in the area where the fire began.  Several of our fires last year were started by ricochet from hunters and target shooters.  Let’s all be extra cautious; the vegetation is dry, and it only takes a spark.  Jacob Huggins got some great shots of the response, and I posted them on http://DeerhornValley.net  Thank you, Jacob!
SQUIRREL COUNT:  I set two Squirrel-N-Ator Traps a day, and I’m still catching plenty of ground squirrels.  Since June 1st, 96 have gone on to feed the owls and hawks.  Sandra Ignosci says that the Wolf Center in Julian also likes fresh squirrels, if you have can refrigerate or freeze them quickly.
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