How easily and quickly will it be for first responders to find your residence in a medical or fire emergency, or in the dark, the fog or smoke – in their efforts to save lives and property?

Available now from the OJFSC are highly reflective address signs which meet the current San Diego County Fire Code, which requires 4” numbers with ½” stroke with a contrasting background. These aluminum signs have 4 holes for easy mounting.

If you’ve applied for the Sunrise Powerlink Grant, you must have a code-compliant address sign posted at the project site to be awarded a grant These signs fulfill that requirement. You will receive a receipt to be submitted for reimbursement of the sign purchase.

Signs are available in blue if you have a water source such as a water tank, hydrant, pool or pond for firefighters to defend your home. Green signs are available if you do not have a water source available.

The signs are to be mounted at your driveway where it intersects with the roadway, and so it can be seen from both directions. The area should be clear of vegetation.

Also available:

• A durable 5.5-foot galvanized steel pole and mounting hardware kit for vertical signs only.

• Installation of the pole and address sign set in concrete at your designated location available if you live in the Jamul area.

• If you have a water source available such as a hydrant, you may want to purchase a water point sign to direct firefighters to that source.

To Order: Please fill out the order form and mail it with your check to: OJFSC, PO BOX 537, JAMUL, CA 91935. (Orders outside of the Jamul area, add $3 to each item selected.) If you have a special situation, let us know. The sign may be picked-up or shipped to you. (Remember, you will receive a receipt for reimbursement.)

Order Form:

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These highly reflective address signs are made and distributed through a joint effort of the Outer Jamul Fire Safe Council (OJFSC), a 501(c)3, and the Deerhorn Valley Fire Auxiliary (DVFA), a 501(c)4. This small profit made from the sale of these signs benefits the efforts of both of our community non-profit organizations. Donations are welcome and are tax-deductible.