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California Bill AB 277 (Current amended version)

a) the governor’s powers are constitutionally limited and must be express;

b) neither the state constitution nor the California legislature have authorized the governor to concur in a decision, the result of which is to allow land to be removed from state jurisdiction and permit otherwise prohibited gaming; 

c) IGRA does not confer power or authorize the governor to do anything (“if the governor concurs” is the relevant language); thus, no preemption;

d) concurrence is an inherently legislative/policy decision;

e) Prop 1a only authorizes compact negotiation, not concurrence and in any case, requires ratification; and

f) the governor must be authorized to concur and a concurrence must be legislatively ratified, but neither occurred; therefore

g) an unauthorized and non-ratified concurrence is ultra vires (dead) and violates state separation of powers.

An information hearing on AB 277 is to be held next Wed. April 24th. This is the Ratification Bill for the North Fork Compact.  A compact that will expand off reservation gaming.  Legislators believe they have only two choices, 1-To support or 2-To deny. This will set a precedent for other tribes to “ratify” their compacts with the State of California.

Assembly Member Hall has been quoted as saying there is NO opposition to the North Fork Compact. This is not true there is significant opposition by citizens, however the process has been manipulated so that the voice of the ordinary citizen has not been heard.

We are asking everyone, to please draft a quick letter of opposition, it can be as simple as,

“Our community group, Jamulians Against the Casino, opposes AB 277, and especially reservation shopping by gaming investors from out of state”.

Legislators as saying if they pass the North Fork Compact they feel obligated to pass the Enterprise off reservation compact.  Which off reservation compact is next?  This will set an undesired precedent for future off reservation proposals and even fee to trust acquisitions.

Stand Up For California’s letter of opposition to AB 277, ratification of the North Fork Casino Compact on highway 99 in Madera County, can be found on www.jacjamul.com and www.standupca.org.

You can email Ms. Cheryl Schmit cherylschmit@att.net a pdf of your signed opposition letter, or you can fax directly to Assembly Member Hall. If you email or fax (916-663-1514) to Ms. Schmit, she can be certain a copy reaches each of the 17 members of the committee.


Dec. 20, 2012: Citizens For a Better Way v. Salazar

Complaint and Motions Challenges the Secretary of the Interior’s determination to acquire land in trust, determination for gaming and the environmental review.

Dec 21, 2012: Stand Up for California v Salazar

Complaint and Motions Challenges the Secretary of the Interior’s determination to acquire land in trust, determination for gaming and the environmental review.


March 27, 2013: Stand Up For California v. Governor Edmund G. Brown

The lawsuit seeks a judgment declaring the Governor’s concurrence void and an order to the Governor not to submit the compact to the Legislature for ratification.

Feb. 25, 2013: Citizens for a Better Way v. Governor Brown

Citizens for A Better Way, Stand Up For California and Grass Valley Neighbors bring this action to require the Governor to set aside his concurrence for the Off Reservation casino in Yuba County and to compel full compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act.



The Jamul community have stopped this

project for over 15 years. We ousted the last two “financial backers”, we will do it again!


The lawsuit to hold Caltrans accountable still needs your help. Please donate today. Thank you.



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Write to your local government officials at the links in the left column. Or go to the website at www.jacjamul.com and click on the Contact your Government Officials tab


Please forward this on to your friends and family. You don’t have to live in Jamul to oppose this project. Thank you.