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A representative from SDG&E/PowerLink will be there to answer your questions about the Powerlink Fire Mitigation Grants.
EVERY homeowner in Deerhorn should apply-- even if your property isn’t listed as “eligible” on the parcel map. In my conversation with the Powerlink Grants people, I was told that every homeowner should be encouraged to apply.
The PowerLink line has placed residences along its corridor in greater danger of catastrophic wildfire in the future. To help mitigate this increased danger, the grants have been made a part of SDG&E’s Fire Mitigation Plan.
Fire-harden your home (by covering eaves, replacing or removing vents, flammable fencing, decks, siding, roofs) and/or improve your 100-ft defensible space (by removing dead trees, thinning vegetation, installing irrigation, etc.)  Up to $2,000 per parcel is available.  Grants are planned to be awarded yearly on a similar basis.
The time-line for taking advantage of these grants is very short:  Applications are due on August 17, work needs to be completed by October 19, and receipts submitted to SDG&E for reimbursement by Oct. 31.
I have just posted three new web pages:
Here you can find the basic information, residents can recommend good resource people who can give fair estimates and provide local references, and look at a map of predicted Fire Behavior during extreme conditions (Red Flag, Santa Ana Winds, etc.)
Dianne Jacob did not attend the Powerlink “Celebration” last Thursday, and released this statement:
“Any policymaker attending this “celebration” needs to justify the line in the face of documented evidence warning of its extreme fire dangers. SDG&E brushes off concerns about fire safety by claiming that the utility has a fire plan. This doesn’t change the fact that the project’s environmental documents concluded that fire dangers posed by the line are classified as the highest level possible and cannot be mitigated.
The line traverses some of the most fire-prone terrain in the world. It will impede firefighting efforts from the air because firefighters cannot make water drops on energized lines. Public safety was a big reason why two CPUC judges recommended the line be rejected in 2008.
Anyone who supports this line is likely contributing to the next major fire disaster in East County and beyond. The sad truth is the project’s 11,000 page environmental document and two judges at the CPUC concluded that this $2 billion line was not needed to keep the region’s lights on now and in the future.”
Attached to Supervisor Jacob’s statement were the following documents.  They are now posted online with a copy of her letter: http://deerhornvalley.net/powerlinkdocumen.html 
1) A map of projected fire behavior in extreme wind conditions taken from the project’s environmental impact report. This modeling shows 1,382 residential parcels at risk.

2) A letter from CALFIRE describing the dangers of co-locating two 500kV lines parallel to each other. The CPUC ignored this warning when a majority of commissioners approved the line in 2008.
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