The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods,  and various other materials.  In the process, the substrate piece to be printed is pre-treated and a base coat material is applied.  A polyvinyl alcohol film is gravure-printed with the graphic image to be transferred, and is then floated on the surface of a vat of water.    An activator is then lowered into the vat, through the floating ink, layer, which wraps around and adheres to it.   After removing the piece from the water, a top coat is applied to protect the design.  With Multiplbe dippins, hydrographics printing can achieve full 360 degree covereage of the part surface, including small crevices.

Hydrographics can be used in automotive, marine, sporting goods, aviation, general industrial, medical, home decor and arrchitectual markets.

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