May 14, 2014 – (San Diego) County Board of Supervisors Dianne Jacobs declared a county wide State of Emergency due to the fires we are currently under. Right now we have seven fires burning in the county.

These are Carlsbad, San Marcos (North of Lake Hodges), Poinsetia, Camp Pendleton, Bernardo, Escondido and Bonsall.

Cal State San Marcos has also received orders to evacuate. There are 30 structures reported destroyed.

The County urges people NOT to call the 911 system unless it is a dire emergency. They ask citizens use the 211 system. The 911 system is taxed.

San Diego Gas and Electric also asks residents to conserve energy, and report nine thousand people without power.

Moreover, if you are away and your area is evacuated, animal control asks that you call 619-236-2341 to get assistance.

Twenty three thousand people have been notified through the Alert San Diego system in the area directly affected on whether they need to evacuate or be alert for it. And if you are asked to evacuate, while the Sheriffs cannot force you to leave, they urge you to leave. One of the lessons from the 2007 fire, people died when they waited too long to leave.

So far the East County has had a few very small fires, and a large plume south of the border that generated multiple smoke checks. There is one being done right now around Potrero.

To paraphrase Supervisor Bill Horn earlier in the day during the presser at Carlsbad, “we did not avoid this bullet.”


You can listen to Rural Fire, Cal Fire, NORTHCOM and Heartland Fire scanner traffic online at