If you owned your home in the Deerhorn Valley area when the Sunrise Powerlink was approved (2008), you should be eligible for a $2,000 grant from SDG&E.

Deerhorn Valley is smack dab in the middle of in the Sunrise Powerlink corridor, and last week many property owners received a letter announcing these grants.

The grants are paid directly to the homeowner for  1) improving defensible space and/or 2) fire-hardening habitable structures  You’ll be asked to provide documentation the work was done, and be willing to have an inspection. 

The grants may also be renewed next year for an additional $2,000.
The information is online… parcels colored green are eligible.  If yours is not and you had a home there in 2008, call SDGE Powerlinks Information: 619-722-7512.  The information they have (probably from DPLU) is quite likely inaccurate or incomplete.
Attached is a map I pieced together from the website.  You’ll be able to zoom in on your parcel online

Here’s a quick overview of ways the grants can be used (you can do a mixture of Defensible Space and Structure Hardening

  1. Removing dead and dying grass, shrubs, and trees
  2. Reducing the density of vegetation – prune, mow, and thin.
  3. Replacing flammable vegetation with less combustible plants or irrigated landscape
  4. Retrofitting with approved fire-safe materials: Rooftops, External Windows, Eave boxing
  5. Removing attic vents and/or installation of alternatives
  6. Removing/replacing wood fencing with approved fire resistant materials
  7. Removing/replacing decks with approved fire-resistant materials

Below is a map I scratched together from several on the website.  When you go online to apply, you will be able to zoom in to your parcel to see if it is eligible.  If your home was there in 2008, but is marked “ineligible”, call SDG&E and give them that information.  We all know how inaccurate maps of the Deerhorn area are.  The DPLU still shows that our home as landlocked.  Hardly.   So check!

You can apply online or by mail.  Many of our neighbors don’t have a computer or internet connection that will download the information easily.  Please reach out to them and let them know about this.  If you need help with the application, I am more than willing to offer up my computer and some time.  You can call me (Kim Hamilton) at 468-3218.  Our DVCA Steering Committee is willing to help!

Each fire-hardened home with defensible space makes us ALL safer.  

Let’s do this!

Kim Hamilton
Deerhorn Valley Community Association