Thank you to Sandra Ignosci, Alpine Community and Brush Fire PartyLine/SanDiego for this heads-up:
If you are approached by someone selling door-to-door anywhere in a rural area… be very wary –  and notify the Sheriff of “suspicious activity.”  The intent may be to case your home and property.
People selling a cleaning liquid door-to-door have been reported from Alpine, Lakeside, and Eucalyptus Hills. One arrest was made this morning in Ramona.
Here are the details from Brush Fire Party Line San Diego:
“Information shared by Travis Payne:
They have arrested some guy with Nevada plates on his truck today on my block in Ramona. He was trying to sell some cleaning supplies to my neighbors and was scoping out their stuff. Glad somebody saw what he was doing and called the Sheriff.”
These people often work in groups, and may look totally legitimate, with a website, etc.
Bottom line: There is no practical business reason for anyone to do door-to-door soliciting in a rural area.  Be very suspicious and please report the activity to the Sheriff, and keep these kinds of scams away from our backcountry.
-Posted by Kim