April 21, 2012
Channel  Ten reports that a two-year-old here in Deerhorn was bitten by a  rattler today.  While the parents were transporting the toddler to the  hospital, their car had a flat tire near Hwy 94 and Steele Canyon Rd.
Paramedics responded and the little one was transported to the  hospital.  Condition is unknown.
The story says this family is new to our community, having only moved in three months ago.
Folks… in a medical emergency of any sort, it’s safer and faster to call 9-11 than trying to get to the hospital in your own car. Paramedics can begin
life-saving treatment immediately and help stabilize the injured while transporting to the hospital and alerting them to the emergency.
I sure hope we can reach out to our new neighbors and offer our support and help where needed.  If you have any additional information, please reply back to this email.
Kim Hamilton, Editor
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2-Year-Old Bitten By Rattlesnake Hospitalized – San Diego News 2-Year-Old Bitten By Rattlesnake Hospitalized. Child Bitten At Family’s Home In Deerhorn Valley. POSTED: 5:48 pm PDT April 21, 2012. UPDATED: 6:48 pm