September 29th, 2013
Yesterday a vegetation fire broke out just after 12-noon near 94 and the Border Checkpoint. There was an immediate response from multiple firefighting ground crews and helicopters. The fire spread to about 10 acres running north up hillsides before forward progress was stopped.

Kim was away from both Deerhorn and a computer, and couldn’t get the information out. Today Rob is reviewing the system so he can help cover when needed.

Many thanks to alert neighbors Donnie Durfee and Dan Wemple who kept an eye on the fire and sent on the information. Attached are a couple of photos they took from vantages near Honey Springs. Below is a copy of their emails.

Big thanks to our firefighters and their immediate and full response.

12:26:54 PM (From Donnie)
Wildfire: CHP site says it is by checkpoint. Probably where people have been target practicing.

12:32:47 (From Dan)
Fire on the 94 east of the Border Patrol check point. I hear sirens. Traffic appears to be moving I. Both directions. Oh it is south of the 94 heading up the hill.
Here comes a plane. Looks like it maybe a spotter.
Two plans and one helicopter. Looks like one plane is lining up for a dump.
Helicopter just made a drop. Fire crews are marching up the southwest
Or high side with hoses working. Beautiful coordination.
Helicopter is looking to drop for the final blow. Crews now working the east side
Hose crews are at the top of the burn. Must have drug the hose at least 1/4 mile.
West and east crews have met at the top. Looks contained. Slam bam. Great job!!!

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