Joel Anderson - 916-651-4036
Besides SB 162 which prohibits a state agency from opposing fee to trust application for the purpose of housing, environmental protection, or cultural preservation there is an earlier bill by Assembly member Wesley Chesbro. Assembly Member Chesbro’s bill requires cooperation between state agencies and tribal governments. Mr. Chesbro’s bill is less onerous, although equally unnecessary. 


Oppose SB 162

Hearing Date: Possible June 6,  MOST LIKELY June 20th

ACTION:  As soon as you can, please start calling Joel Anderson’s office. Let’s try educating him first – flood his office with phone calls.  It seems clear he doesn’t understand the fee to trust process and the role of the State Agencies. In recent FFT Notices of Decision we have seen state legislators weighing in - supporting the fee to trust transaction of a tribe without reviewing the environmental documents, or visiting the location.  Legislators have sent glowing letters of support never calculating the loss of property tax today or the potential revenue lost to the state should the property be commercially developed. For Legislators making the claim of being a fiscal conservative support for this legislation does not make sense.

Local government (usually counties) are responsible for ensuring that the natural resources of the regional areas are shared equitably. Often that requires coordinating with State Agencies. There is no requirement for a local enforceable mitigation agreements on trust lands acquired for non-gaming purposes.

Several tribes in years past and currently (Tule River), have stated the fee to trust acquisition was for economic development, housing, a grape orchard, a church, a soccer field, environmental protection or cultural preservation, land banking for the future and instead we got a casino or casino amenities.

Links to the bills and additional phone numbers: