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Email address to the JIV: info@jamulindianvillage.com

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The County of San Diego Land Use and Environmental Group Response and the Jamul/Dulzura Community Planning Group Response to JIV can be found on the www.jacjamul.com website.

Some comments and responses to the JIV’s EE from our community:

“Proposing to put a fire department in an underground parking structure -really?”

“As you know the main artery in and out of Jamul is SR 94 which has the distinction of not only being a scenic highway but also of being one of the most dangerous roads in San Diego County.  It  twists and winds its way through ranches and farms, along conservation lands, adjacent to a high school and into the hamlet of Jamul.  It is the main corridor from Tecate, Mexico and points east.  In addition to adding thousands more car trips to this already deadly road, a casino would no doubt add an equal number of trips along Otay Lakes Rd, another winding, two lane road which is the primary route into Eastlake, Chula Vista and the communities of the South Bay.  The nightmare scenario of an evacuation of people and livestock as a result of a wild land fire, which happened during the Harris Fire of 2007, is all too real.”

“Our residents currently share Highway 94 (our only ingress and egress into Jamul of any reasonable capacity) with copious transcontinental and transnational trucking. At present, Highway 94 is a very inadequate and dangerous highway. With the addition of an estimated additional 10,000 daily trips to a proposed casino, a dangerous highway (the site of numerous traffic fatalities) would doubtless be converted into a scene of numerous deaths  Along Highway 94, we have a large high school (Steele Canyon), some small local businesses and numerous residences. If this proposed Casino is approved and constructed with the resulting increased traffic of (at best) distracted and in cases inebriated drivers, there will be dozens of people killed by even the most conservative reckoning.”

“The proposed site is next to a 4800 acre multiple species wildlife preserve. The lights, noise, traffic, trash, and sewage from the project would be detrimental to the wildlife preserve. The proposed site is on highway 94, California’s most dangerous highway according to Caltrans.  Highway 94 is incapable of handling the additional estimated 10,000 cars per day. The Jamul Indian Village is not a historical tribe. They were not recognized as an Indian group until 1981, and currently no Indians live on the property.”

“The reality is that the impacts of a casino at the location of the JIV cannot be mitigated and will be a blight on the landscape and a certain death sentence for some unfortunate travelers along SR 94 or possibly Otay Lakes Rd. Is this the legacy that the JIV wishes to bestow upon the lovely and unspoiled community of Jamul? For your neighbors safety and that of other members of the greater San Diego community, please give up this plan.”


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