May 25, 2012 (San Diego) – San Diego Police have issued a warning that on three occasions in the past two weeks, a man in a red vehicle has attempted to abduct children near Emerson Elementary School in the Mountain View neighborhood in southeast San Diego.

According to Officer David Stafford, a white male in his 50s attempted to coerce the youngsters by offering money and when they refused, ordering them into his vehicle. He has been reported driving a red truck and also a red sports car with damaged front passenger side bumper. The man, in his 50s, is described as white, pot-bellied and bald with a white goatee and salt-and-pepper hair. He has a thin face with pronounced cheek bones.

Although this is not in East County, it’s unknown where this predator may drive to next in his effort to snatch little kids off the streets of San Diego, so please forward this widely.

The attempted kidnappings occurred in the 3500-3700 block of Oceanview and in the 3500 block of Logan Avenue.

Please forward any information to SDPD Southeastern Division Investigations, Detective Ruben Hernandez or Sergeant Sainz at 527-3500.

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