July 6th, 2012

The First-Ever Deerhorn Valley Mini-Parade and Picnic was wonderful.  We smugly looked out over the July Grey Skies in the Flatlands below, and had a picture perfect day right here in Deerhorn Valley.

Who know those DV’ers would dig into their garages, sheds, and barns… add a little red, white, and blue… and make a real parade! Just look what happened: http://DeerhornValley.net

There are more photos from Art Valdivia who was the first to email some great people shots… Just click the “First Ever…” link on the DV website above.   I’m still uploading, and will be for a couple of days (I don’t work ALL day!)

Cheryl and Scott Brown posted their photos on Shutterfly: http://dvcafirstannualtrunkortreat.shutterfly.com/109

Ariele Johannson followed, and hers will be posted on our DV website too. (Right top link)

Rob Deason has sent in his… and I even took a couple of great shots with my iPhone.

Stay tuned. This is gonna take awhile!  Here are some samples (attached).

-Kim Hamilton



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