Reiki is Japanese energy healing.  It is a light touch, energy based healing practice which helps with relaxation, stress reduction and it promotes healing.  It helps with pain reduction and sleep, so your body can heal itself.  Reiki is a complementary healing technique which can enhance traditional medical treatments.

In Japanese, ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ and ‘Ki’ means ‘energy of the universe’.  So Reiki means Universal Energy.  Reiki isn’t associated with any religion or religious belief.  It can be given to people animals, plants, food, homes, work – practically anything.  It’s good energy.  It’s healing energy.  It’s protective energy.

A man by the name of Makao Usui (1864-1928) who was originally part of the Samurai family, meditated and fasted on Mt. Kurama for 21 days and received his Reiki insight on the 21st day.  Anyone who is open and willing to allow this healing energy to flow through them can learn and use Reiki.  It is said that most people know Reiki as children, but forget it as they grow older.

Reiki can never do harm.  It heals by moving universal energy through the Reiki practitioner in to the client.  The Reiki practitioner always intends the Reiki energy be used for the recipient’s greatest good.  The recipient’s body knows where the energy is needed for healing.

Reiki uses zero point field quantum physics and is guided by the practitioner’s intent.  Reiki heals by moving universal energy through the person giving the Reiki treatment to the person receiving the Reiki treatment.  Some hospitals offer it to patients who love is, as do their nurses, because it calms and relaxes their patients, reduces their main and helps them sleep.  Reiki is always helpful.

You can look up Reiki Wind online to find out when and where Reiki clinics are being held if you or a loved one might be interested in a treatment session or you can find out about learning Reiki.  Foothills Adult School offers beginning classes for Reiki.

Janine Palmer