June 17, 2012 (San Diego)-Multiple brush fires are burning across San Diego County, including blazes in the Campo, Live Oak Springs, Fallbrook, and Valley Center area, some with evacuations. At least one structure has burned.  Old 80 is closed at Church Road.

Earlier fires on Northbound I-15 at Friars and in Potrero are largely contained with no structure damage, Cal-Fire reports.  Click below for details on all of these events and more.

In Campo and Live Oak Springs, the Old Fire which started late this afternoon has burned at least 100 acres and is spreading rapidly.

Evacuations are in process on Miller Ranch Road and surrounding areas; structures are threatened.  The fire began near Old Highway 80 and Church Road near the Golden Acorn Casino. Air tankers are dropping retarding between the fire and homes. In Live Oak Springs, on structure is burning, Incident Protection Network reported at 4:34 p.m.

 In Fallbrook, a brush fire that began at E. Mission Avenue and Minnesota has charred three acres and is being driven rapidly by the wind, Incident Protection Network reports.

The Round Fire in Potrero was held at eight acres.

The fire on I-15 at Friars is mostly contained though lanes remain closed.


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